Ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, patrons and the community are of integral importance to us at this time. As such we have a number of safety measures in place responding to the current government restrictions and response to COVID-19

Centre manager – ymca victoria

At the Y we’re working hard to ensure the health and safety of all who attend our facilities is our number one priority.

To ensure our sites are COVID-Safe and operate in line with the government’s health advice, we will be applying six safety measures across all YMCA-managed facilities. In addition to these six key safety measures a number of facility specific safety measures will also be deployed in line with current government advice.

Contact Tracing

To help keep our community safe, we require all visitors without a valid and active membership or facility access card to sign in with a unique QR code when visiting our centre. To receive your unique code via email, all you need to do is fill out a visitor registration form. 

How to get your unique QR code:

  1. Fill out the visitor registration form;
  2. Include any additional visitors, such as minors who are attending the centre with you. Minors who attend the centre alone will need to fill out a separate visitor registration form.
  3. Ensure all your details are correct – particularly your email address.
  4. Check the confirmation box at the end of the form and select the ‘next’ button.

Once you have received your code, you will be able to use it to sign in every time you visit our centre. Participants must attend with their membership card and scan in at reception when entering.

COVID restrictions in facilities

  • While we do not require bookings, we do still have pool capacity limits and signage in place in line with the current density limits and government restrictions. If a pool or space is at its signed capacity unfortunately you will not be able to use that pool until it falls below its capacity limit. Limits are outlined below;
    • The maximum facility capacity limit is 300, this limit applied to each facility
    • Social distancing and 1:4m2 is required to be applied to individual pools, our staff will monitor the capacity of each pool and where required limit access to the water space as required to ensure we maintain patron safety and compliance to social distancing practices.
  • Wearing of face masks will be required in line with the current government restrictions while attending our facility. At this time masks will be required to be worn by all staff and visitors when indoors or when unable to socially distance outdoors. Face masks are not required while exercising, swimming, eating or drinking. Please ensure that when attending a facility you carry a face mask with you to ensure you can comply with these requirements.
  • At this time no public access equipment will be available i.e. aqua toys, water exercise equipment etc. You may bring your own, however there will be no shared or public equipment available. Where required for programming such as aqua aerobics and swimming lessons appropriate sanitisation of equipment will take place between users.
  • Change rooms and toilets are open at this time. Density limits also apply, so we have reduced capacity in these spaces and as such request where possible you come ready for your swim and shower at home after you leave

COVID Safe Standard Practices

  • COVID Safe training for our staff
    • All staff have completed the Department of Health COVID-safe training, as well as additional training provided by YMCA Victoria to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge to keep you safe. We have also provided additional training for specific roles to ensure all programs operate safely with social distancing requirements in place.
  • Signage & Instructions
    • Once you are inside the centre, you will see signage and instructions on how staff and visitors can be COVID-safe. Hygiene signage and floor, seat and bench stickers will be displayed throughout the facility to help everyone with physical distancing requirements
  • Social distancing in facility
    • A safe distance of 1.5 metres between people will be required throughout the centre and programs. Spaces within the centre have been measures and density occupancy restrictions per space are in place.
      Staff and visitors will be counted as they enter and exit the facilities and some seating and equipment has been removed
      Please remember that we must all play our part in helping stop the spread of COVID-19. If a visitor does not follow our COVID-safe practices, including social distancing requirements, they may politely be asked to leave the facility by a staff member.
  • Hygiene & Cleaning
    • When you arrive at the facility, the first thing you will notice is hand sanitiser at entry and exit points, with the expectation that everyone (staff and visitors) sanitise their hands before entering. Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the centre and in bathrooms.
      The facility will be cleaned every 24 hours and high touch points, such as doors, toilets and other equipment will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.
  • Our 8-step plan for a confirmed case
    • Our staff have been trained to ensure that if there is a confirmed case at the centre, they have the tools and resources they need to close down safely. All visitors will have to sign in at reception when they attend their session, which allows us to contact trace those people who were at the centre. There will also be a contamination clean prior to reopening.